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Dear Valued Provider

Welcome to Digicall Assist’s Provider dispatch and case management system, DIGIFLOW.

This training manual is for all Digicall Assist’s Providers.

It gives you step-by-step instructions on getting started and using Digiflow.

Work your way through each step to register and set up your business account.

Once registered, you will use the DIGIFLOW "Provider Portal”, as well as the DIGIFLOW "Provider  App” to accept jobs, manage your teams, submit invoices, update compliance requirements, and process tasks.

The Training Manual has been divided into several chapters to make it easier to use.

  1. Introduction
  2. Provider Registration
  3. Provider Portal
  4. Provider Jobs
  5. Provider App

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Digicall Assist Contact

  • Luke Laurence
  • Digicall Assist Provider Network Manager
  • Luke.laurence.@digicall.com.au
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