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App features


Bottom menu

On the bottom of the app screen there are 4 tabs to navigate:

  • My Jobs
  • Unassigned 
  • History 
  • Uploads

My Jobs tab

The landing screen when accessing the app is the My Jobs page. It lists all active jobs from newest to olde,st received. By selecting a job, the App will start the relevant job workflow. The team can now navigate to the incident scene and follow the App triggers until the job is complete. The relevant data, including image captures, will automatically upload when there is connectivity.

Images below examples of app screens:

Unassigned tab

Unassigned job are the jobs accepted by the Provider company but not yet assigned to a specific team member. Only App managers can assign team members from the App. Alternative teams can be assigned from the Provider Portal.

History tab

All completed jobs will show under the History tab for a period of 14 days from the incident.

Uploads tab

The uploads tab will reflect all jobs where the relevant data and images have not yet been uploaded to the platform.  Data can be uploaded througha wifi network or mobile data network. If you don’t have internet connectivity to transmit live all information to the platform, the app will retain all the information and keep on trying until connectivity is established. once connected, the "upload tab" will reflect the relevant update progress.

Top menu

The top menu includes a hamburger menu on the left, a My Jobs count, a notifications icon and the  off/on duty indicator. 

Selecting the hamburger menu the user has access to the following items:

  • Home - returns to My Jobs screen
  • Profile
  • Settings
  • Sign out - to sign out of the app

Profile information relates to device info i.e. device ID, device make and model, and the current app version. It also reflects the services for which the team and app have been registered.

Note: When experiencing issues with the app, please screenshot this page and forward to our team to confirm the relevant version of the app that is causing issues.


Notifications received from the portal will highlight a number on the notification button.  By selecting the button, notifications received in terms of job offers and assignment can be viewed. you are also able to delete notifications once read.

On/Off duty

Selecting the on/off duty button allows you to select if you want to receive job offers or not.

Note: If a Team goes off duty, all telemetry sharing will also be switched off and the provider will not be able to receive jobs on the app. DigicallAssist will also not be able to track the Teams whereabouts.

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