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Job offers

Assign strategy

As soon as a Digicall agent has captured the case and job details or a customer captured details on the consumer application, the job will automatically assign to the relevant provider. Job offers follow the Digicall Assist Assign Strategy that automatically considers panel hierarchies, service areas, services, compliance fulfillment, and planed in future, customer service scoring (CSI) of the Provider. All jobs will auto-assign for a maximum of 10 minutes, attempting 3 providers as selected by the assign strategy. If a job is not assigned successfully in this timeframe it will revert to manual assignment and escalate to Digicall Assist management.

When the assignment cycle starts, the first Provider selected will have 3 minutes to accept the offer before a second Provider is offered the job. After another 3 minutes, if not accepted, a third Provider is added. The first and second Providers will however still be able to accept the offer until the full ten minutes have elapsed.

Note:  The assign strategy detailed above is the current process applied by Digicall Assist and is subject to change.

Receiving offers

  • Job offers to Providers preferences are configured in Contacts, as detailed in Module 2.  To update your contacts, access the Provider Portal and select: Provider Profile > Company > Edit > Contacts
  • The following options are available. You can elect a single or multiple notification methods.
  • Accept the job offer to start the process
Offer statuses
  • Email confirmation – Success
  • Email confirmation - Fail
Offer accept supporting documents

You will receive a Work Order confirmation email on a successful job offer acceptance and a Client Certificate, which needs to be printed and taken by the technician to the incident location for client signature.

Assign a team, technician or driver

Assign on Provider portal

Assign the relevant technician via the Action Shortcut or Job Actions

  • Once assigned you need to note the selected technician or team on the job information. You’re also able to unassign a team/technician and reassign the job on the Provider Portal with the More Action Menu functions.
  • If a technician or team has installed the Digiflow Partner app and a job is assigned through the Portal to that technician, the job will display on the Partner app, and actions can be completed on either the mobile app or the Provider Portal.

Assign on the Digiflow Partner App

Accepting and allocating a job on the Digiflow Partner Application:

  • Step 1 – Accept Job on the app – you’ll then see a confirmation message
  • Step 2 – Open "Unassigned Jobs" tab on the app and select the relevant Jo
  • Step 3 – Assign Team. Managers are able to select any of your Team members who are included on the Provider Portal for the relevant service and area. If you assign the job to another team member, your manager app will display a ‘successful’ message.

Complete the tasks

Your teams are now able to complete the required tasks through the app, or by submitting or capturing the information received from the scene directly onto the system via the Provider Portal. Tasks are service specific.

Mobile app tasks

The tasks to be completed on the Digiflow Partner app are job-specific and exactly the same as on the Provider Portal. the mobile chapter details the app registration process and the app job tasks in more detail.

Provider Portal  Tasks

Once a team or technician has been assigned, the tasks will automatically be presented (Assigned Actions as per image). As they are actioned and updated the job progresses and triggers new actions in the workflow.

The following steps are part of the job workflow for a Battery job once a technician has been assigned:

  • Step 1 – Select En-route To Location and submit ETA when starting the journey.
  • Step 2 – Select Arrive At Location on arrival and submit if address is displayed correctly:
  • Step 3 – Capture On Location tasks. This is specific per service type and prescribed by Digicall Assist. The customer, asset and incident needs to be recorded correctly with relevant images. As can be seen from the image below, the tasks include:
    • Capture Pre-start Checklist – generic for all jobs
    • Capture Service Confirmation – generic for all jobs
    • Capture Battery Service – service specific tasks
    • Capture Customer Sign-off – generic for all jobs
    • Complete Job – generic for all jobs and requires only Provider additional comments if applicable.

Note: The Provider needs to complete all tasks before an invoice can be generated (automatically). Once the "complete" job status is processed, the purchase order will be available for confirmation and is ready to be submitted.

Digicall Assist Contact

  • Luke Laurence
  • Digicall Assist Provider Network Manager
  • Luke.laurence.@digicall.com.au
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