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Jobs, actions and tasks


To access an assigned job, you can choose to view the job on the Provider Portal or on the Digiflow Partner application, which is currently supported for Android and IOS mobile phones.

The mobile access is limited however with regards to information. It is more action and task orientated.

When entering a job on the desktop Provider Portal, you will have full access to all case and job information, as well as additional features such as finance, tracking, documents, timeline.

Jobs quick action shortcuts

This feature facilitates a speedier update of job statuses and tasks without accessing the case and job to view all details. The tasks and actions are the same as when accessing the case in full or attending to the job on the Digiflow Partner application and will be explained in the “How To Process A Job” section.

A few examples of the Kanban “Quick Action Shortcut” accessed via the three dots menu:

Assigned Job Shortcut Actions

Case and job preview

Accessing a job on the Provider Portal not only allows you to action tasks and complete jobs but also provides much more information and functionality.  To access the case and job, select the blue case reference hyperlink on the job card or list view.

The default view when accessing a case and assigned job as per below illustration:

The case view can be split into two sections as per coloured blocks above and matching text below:

  • Case information with the relevant case tabs and case status
  • Job information with the relevant job tabs, activities and job status.  Multiple jobs can be viewed on a single case.

Case information

Case information provided includes policy, client and customer detail, asset detail, relevant dates, relevant contact numbers and driver details. You can also add notes on a case level.

Below we step through the Jobs, Timeline, Tracking, Notes, Documents and Finance tabs.

Job tabs

The Job tab has the following features:

  • Relevant job information
  • All linked jobs on a case
  • Task action menus that can be completed by the Provider. This includes assigning and unassigning teams, cancelling jobs, completing tasks etc. Some of these actions are greyed out or inactive – if so these are a Digicall Assist feature and not yet relevant depending on the progress of the job. See example image below:

The Job tab also has secondary tabs to provide you with further information:

  • Overview Tab – a summary of the incident details and a mapped location view.

Note:  Additional information captured by the agent for your attention will be added here.

  • Progress Tab - details the workflow progress in real-time if the tasks are completed on the Provider Portal and/or the Digiflow Partner application:
  • Notes – same as case notes. Can view and add notes to jobs.
  • Cost Items – Digicall Assist Office Use Only
  • Assignment Strategy – Displays the Provider Assignment status. All the Providers who were offered the job will only be visible to Digicall Assist.


The Timeline presents a chronological event-based view of the incident, including actions taken, responses received, data captured together with images and telemetry. The data is compiled from all the Digicall and Provider Portals, as well as all integrated applications such as the Digiflow and Client Consumer Apps, as well as the Digiflow Partner App.

Tracking tab

You will be able to track all your technicians who are registered on the Digiflow Partner App whilst they are On Duty or processing a job, via the mobile application workflow. A future feature will allow you to replay the tracking of any completed jobs as long as the mobile app was used.

Finance Tab

You can access the financial documents of each job via the Finance tab. This is similar to the Finance Label in the Provider Portal detailed in Module 2. You edit and submit your invoices in exactly the same way as per the Finance Label process. You will also be able to view the transactions on completed jobs.

Other Tabs

Notes – Providers are able to view public notes created by Digicall Assist users and also add own notes for public reference.

Documents – Providers are able to upload additional documents to the case library if applicable.  This might be a warranty, invoice, additional images etc. Public documents uploaded by Digicall Assist users will also be visible.

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