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The default landing or home page when you access the Provider Portal is the “Jobs In-progress” Kanban view, which lists the jobs in status grouped columns.  To view “Jobs In-progress”, you can select either a Kanban (card) or List view.  New jobs will automatically be added to the lists as soon as a job offer is accepted by the Provider via email, SMS or the Mobile Application.

The different views provide alternative options to view the data.

List view

The Kanban (card) view is the default view when accessing the Jobs page.  To switch to the List view, use options in top right corner of Jobs page view as per above image.

The following:

  • The List view does not have a “Quick Action Shortcuts” to process tasks on in-progress jobs.  To process tasks and actions in this view, you need to first select and access the job from the list and then proceed by completing the tasks and actions on the actions menu.
  • The List view however presents you with two tabs: the “In Progress” and the “History” tabs.  The History tab lists all the completed jobs (History jobs are not accessible via the Kanban view)
  • Note: This list view is the only view that provides access to completed jobs. the Kanban view only shows active jobs.

List View Example:

2.3.    Kanban view

The Kanban view is a quick job view grouped by the relevant status.  Statuses include Unassigned, Assigned, En Route To Location, On Location, En Route to Destination, Arrived At Destination and Job Completed.  For the purpose of thisarticle and further illustration of the Jobs features, the Kanban view will be the default use case.

Note: This view provides the user a 3 dot menu on the top right to action tasks and progress the job.  The user does not have to access the full job first to action tasks. This is a shortcut to expedite task management.

Job filters

The Job page providers a filter function for you to select specific job types and or status.

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