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Please capture all relevant contacts in your business in Digiflow. This enables streamlined communication between Digicall Assist and the Provider by ensuring we contact the correct individual for the relevant matter.   This could include the owner of your business, billing contact, liaison officer, etc. For this reason the role field allows for free text input to ensure appropriate description.

Operationally it is important that all operators / agents who need to receive job notifications are noted in contacts. Once a contact is marked to be notified of a job (toggle in contacts) additonal informatiomn is required such as :

  • Notification channels
    • SMS
    • App
    • Email
  • Service Areas - contacts can be assigned specific areas and will then only be notified when the job is in the relevant area.
  • Notification hours - mutliple operating hours per contact can be added 

Note: Ensure that all notification contacts are correctly loaded to ensure jobs are not missed. If a notification contact uses the mobile application as a preferred notification channel, the contact needs to be captured as a team manager in the team section (detailed in Chapter 3 "Provider Portal")

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