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DIGIFLOW assigns jobs to Providers based on relevant area and panel configurations. It is therefore important that areas are mapped correctly. Panels are managed by Digicall Assist. You only need to set up the area/s, and service/s relevant to your business.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, Digicall Assist will assign you to the relevant panel/s and you will be able to view these panels on your Portal under the "Company" section.

Area detail

The following criteria are required when configuring Provider areas:

  • Area name  - this is a unique area name such as your company name and location description or panel description e.g "Provider 1 Sydney North Towing Area"
  • Area Type
    • Primary - select  for all mapped areas
    • Secondary - future feature (please do not select)

Service detail

Services are selected per area mapped. As an example, a Provider can select an area for towing and a different area for roadside assist. which will result in two areas being mapped. The same might apply to a provider being assigned to different panels and areas , which will then be configured by Digicall Assist.

 Where multiple services are provided in the same area, the multiple services can all be selected and applied to a single mapped area as per example below:

Mutliple service areas

To add mutiple areas, select the "add area" button in the service area configuration page:

Service area polygons


You can define your service areas through the use of polygons. This might seem challenging but is actually quite simple once you experiment a bit.  There are various ways of mapping boundaries to make up an enclosed area which means you can allocate services or receive jobs in accordance with your preferred / assigned areas.

Option 1 - National, provincial, city or suburb polygon

This allows you to select an area on National, Provincial, Region, City or Suburb level.

Once your region option is highlighted for example "City"  as well as the "Add" function, just click  your mouse on that city and the polygon will automatically select the city boundaries. Provincial, City and Suburb selections will automatically activate the “remove” function as well. To expand your selected area, select the adjacent Region, City or suburb and the area will automatically be added. Where an area is not adjacent to the selectedn area, a new area map must eb added to cater for the different area, as the Google map does not allow for mutiple non-adjacent areas on a single map. 

The Add button needs to be selected when you are adding additional Provinces , Cities or Suburbs. If you need to exclude any specific areas from your already drawn map, this can be done by selecting the Remove button and selecting the City or suburb you wish to remove. 

Where a new map results from a change the Provider will be prompted to confirm whether to save or cancel any changes.

Option 2 – Kilometre radius polygon

This is a very user friendly Polygon. Enter the required kilometres you service from your office location and click on the compass icon. A radius polygon will be drawn around the head office location.

Option 3 - Search area polygon

Search allows you to enter a specific location text like Caboolture. Ensure the Add feature is highlighted when adding an area and use Remove if want to delete an area. When selecting the icon, a text box will open to allow you to type the search criteria and then select an option returned by the search. Add more detail if the required search is not sufficient.

Option 4 - Draw a polygon

Select the "pentagon" icon and draw the polygon by selecting the first point on the map, then continue selecting and adding more points. The last point must connect back to the first point in order to close and set the area. The icon can also be used to track back on drawing by deleting the last point selected until back on track, clearing or finalising the drawing.

Once the polygon has been completed, any point in the shape can be selected and moved to refine the area selected.

Option 5 - Edit, clear, save polygon


Allows you to edit your selected area mapping by reopening the map points.

Save / Cancel / Clear All

Allows you to finalise or edit or redo your selected area mapping.

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