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Teams (technicians/drivers)


Teams facilitates the capturing of technicians / drivers/ device users that need to be assigned to execute a service or job. It also facilitates the use of the mobile application by these users. 

Note: Only users/technicians with mobile numbers added in Teams will  be able to download the Digiflow Partner app from the relevant Store.

The processing of jobs and tasks on the mobile application is detailed in the last chapter of the Provider manual.

  • Adding Service Provider Teams (Mobile Operators) to Provider Portfolio
    • Select the New button
    • Select Team Name
    • Complete Primary Name and Contact Details
    • Select Areas & Services – A drop-down list of areas and services capture during Provider Registration will be available for selection per team
    • Services – Select applicable services
  • Adding Team Managers
    • The Manager toggle allows Manager Technicians to be notified of new job offers on the mobile application and once accepted, allows the manager then to allocate the job to him/herself, or assign it to another team member.

 Setting a Team as a Manager will not automatically send job offers to the manager. To enable this, the manager must be added to “Contacts” in the Company Profile as well and set toggle “Receive Assignment Notifications” to on and “Notification Method” must include “App”. The same mobile number must also reflect in the Team and the Contact. Therefore:

  • Set Team “Manager” Toggle to On
  • Capture Manager details in Contacts
  • Select App as “Notification Method”
  • Select “Receive Assignment Notifications” toggle to On
  • Set “Operating Hours”
  • Go to the relevant App Store (Apple for IOS or Google for Android)
  • Download Digiflow Partner App and install
  • Register on App
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