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Company profile


The Company tab enables you to view company related information such as addresses, contacts, services registered for, operational areas, rates etc. You are also able to edit this information when anything changes. This will activate a digital approval and notification process between Digicall Assist and your business.


Most of the Provider information is obtained and validated during the registration or onboarding process. This includes:

  • Provider Detail
  • Areas & Services
  • Banking Details
  • Contacts

Other information in the Company portfolio include:

  • Documents: - a Library that contains some documentation requested and uploaded during the onboarding process, compliance and business-related documents that are uploaded and/or updated during the agreement period.
  • Parameters: - Parameters are configured by Digicall Assist to allow additional functionality with external systems such as third-party software links.
  • Networks & Panels: - Associated Provider Networks and Panels will be reflected here. Configured by Digicall Assist.
  • Rates: - Rates configurable per service by Digicall Assist.


You are able to edit your company details by selecting the Edit function. The process is managed through a built-in workflow that will assist you to follow the process in a specific order, starting with company registration details, head office location, mapped areas and services, bank details and contacts. There are however two additional features that you need to manage and update: e.g. Compliance and Teams detailed in the next articles of this chapter.

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