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The finance section provides you with a list of purchase orders that are either in draft or ready status.

  • Purchase orders are automatically generated once a provider is assigned. The purchase order becomes ready to submit once the job is completed or cancelled.
  • Purchase order amounts will be automatically inserted where cost item rates have been pre-configured.
  • Once a purchase order has a “Ready” status on the Provider portal, you can manually submit the order and create an invoice, alternatively the order will automatically be submitted to Digicall Assist for payment after 7 days from job completion, as per the Service Level Agreement.
  • Purchase orders that have been edited, where invoice amounts have been increased or additional cost items have been added, will require Digicall Assist approval. These invoices will automatically be referred on submission.

Purchase orders and invoices can be viewed by selecting the Finance label on the Provider portal and then selecting the blue hyperlink of the relevant item, Alternatively, you can access a job and select the Finance tab on the job.

  • Once an order or invoice is selected, it can either be edited or submitted as per top right functions on the view below:
  • The following two options are available when editing a purchase order, as highlighted in red:
    • Edit the pre-configured item rate or amount
    • Add additional items not configured
  • Once edited, you need to save the edited item before saving the changed order
  • Once saved, you can submit it as an invoice for payment.
  • The finance tab also provides a ‘search by period’ option. This allows you to view purchase orders for a specific period, such as the past 7 days:
    • Range
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