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This article provides an introduction to Jobs. A detailed instruction on how to process and complete jobs on the Provider portal is detailed in chapter 3.

The Jobs page is the landing/home page when accessing the Provider portal. You have two display options when viewing assigned jobs:

  • Kanban (Card view)
  • List View (row View).

To access a specific job, you must select the blue hyperlink on the job.

Kanban view

With a Kanban view, you can visualize all your records as stacks of cards on a board. The different stacks are defined by a designated single select field or single collaborator field; you can click and drag a record card from one stack to another to alter the value in its single select field or reassign it to a different collaborator.

List view

A List view groups several items and displays them in a vertical scrollable list and content is automatically pulled into the list from the source.

The List view also list historical cases under a separate tab for a quick access to completed cases.

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